Windows Platform Training Kit – September Update released

Microsoft has just released the September Update for Windows Platform Training Kit.

You can learn what is new and download it from here.


I am all In

Ever since I came to know about Microsoft Platform as a service aka Windows Azure I was very interested in it. I used my MSDN subscription to open an Azure account. I played with the samples in the platform training kit. I felt that Windows Azure offerred compelling benefits to the clients.

I have changed my role to Windows Azure Technical Solutions Professional. I will keep on working for the same great company and serve the same clients but I will be specializing in all things Azure.

New ESB Toolkit Whitepaper Published

It is written by MVP Jon Flanders. It gives you a good overview of ESB Toolkit and also provides a tutorial.

You can get it here

BizTalk Adapter Trace

If you are having trouble with your BizTalk environment and are about to call you Microsoft Customer Support there is good chance that you will be asked to provide BizTalk Adapter Trace. You can learn more about this utility here.

Your client does not support opening this list with windows explorer ie8

I was running into this issue and it made things difficult.

I was running VPC 2007 SP1, Win 2008 Server, WSS 3.0 SP2 and I was unable to view the SharePoint document libraries in explorer view.

I needed to add the feature “Desktop Experience” on my server to fix this issue. Many thanks to Tihomir for posting this fix.

BizTalk 2009 Orchestration Designer Hotfix Released

There are times when the Orchestration design complains about an error in the project. There are times when this is not the case. This issue can be fixed by recompiling but it is still annoying.

Microsoft has released a hotfix to address this issue. You can get it here:;EN-US;979153

BizTalk Benchmark Wizard

Load testing BizTalk is not an easy task. BizTalk Benchmark Wizard is an open source tool that checks the performance of your BizTalk Server installation using pre-existing scenarios and validates it against some known results. This will help you in determining if you are getting the most out of your BizTalk Server. It is simple to install. It creates Hosts and Host Instances on the servers in your BizTalk Server group. It generates test data, runs the tests and publishes a report of the results.

You can learn more about it here